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Lessons from the Students of 2020-2021

    • Really try your best. The game is only as good as the people working on it and the harder you try the more fun and rewarding it will be.  Enjoy the work! Have fun with it!
    • Adapt to using the new technologies you weren't taught during your 3D animation class.


      • Make sure to have fun in this class, it is a chance to learn about the process of designing a game but it is also a chance to talk to new people who you wouldn't normally meet and have interesting and engaging conversations.
      • Never be afraid to ask for help, especially from a classmate. It is a very collaborative class and you meet some good people through working on something together. You also learn more by working through the problem together.
      • Every person's work is super vital to the project as a whole, and being able to collaborate and stay productive makes the class more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.


      • Complete all work as early as possible. You may think "Oh, silly, that's not important", but it is extremely important. Completing work early and putting a good effort into it really brings dreams into fruition. 

      • Don't waste time. If you don't have something to do then ask for a task. It can be hard to bring yourself to ask for more work but in the long run it's so important and makes a big difference in the work you get done. 

      • Demand written instructions for tasks that you can refer to while doing your assignments.

      • Do your part in order to ensure that your part of the game gets completed.  Make the parts of the game that you work on the best possible product of your abilities. The more effort and perfection put into each piece of the game that people work on will result in a better final product.  Please do your work, even if your game is not chosen.


      • For managers: always have extra tasks ready and work in tandem with one another to make sure that everyone knows what the goal of the project is and always make sure that people are working- be friendly.
      • Please be patient with your managers and try putting in as much effort as they do.
      • My advice for future managers, art leads in particular, stress the importance of updating the hacknplan. If people don't do that, it looks to you like they haven't done any work, which can be very frusturating.


      • Express yourself.  In this class, creativity is gold.
      • I would say to definitely give it a try! It allows you to express your creativity in whichever way you choose to and share it with those you're working with as well.


      • Pay attention when Mr. Gustin is explain Github since it can get confusing pretty quickly. 

      • Git is—while a friend, a dangerous one.  You must learn to work in unison with it, and not let it destroy you.

      • Learn Unity early. A lot of the errors and lag time that we had during this project was because of the non-coding kids having to learn a whole new program after just learning Maya. On top of the texturing and actual art capabilites, less people were able to work on that due to the fact that kids weren't comfortable with Unity enough to want to take such tasks. All in all, playing around and learning Unity before the class starts will make for a more efficient class. Other than that, this class is a really fun and creative atmosphere that I would reccomend to anyone incoming from an art or compter science department. No matter how far you get, getting to say that you got to contribute to such a largescale project for classwork is a pretty cool thing.


      • You will have a lot of fun in this class, especially as an art/animation student.
      • If in Unity some faces are missing, go back into Maya -> select those faces -> triangulate them. Unity cannot render curved faces while Maya can.  There's this one error where it says it cannot export it and you gotta delete history. To do that go to Edit -> Delete by Type -> History and Non Deformer History. 
      • ALSO IT SO HELPFUL TO HAVE A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN SEE AND GIVE ALL THE MODELS TO EVERYONE. Discord really isn't a good spot for models. Maybe a shared Folder in google drive or dropbox? 


      • Do not hesitate to address any kinds of problems, even if they are from your manager.

      • Expect there to be problems but to also expect there to be solutions! You are creative and this is like learning how to think in a new way! It takes time and is challenging but is also rewarding and fun!

      • Try not to get boged down by set backs, there's nothing that you guys won't be able face!

      • The big thing I want to stress is organization; put everything you make in one place.